September 19, 2008

VIDEO: HKS launches GT570 tuning program for Nissan GT-R

After spending the week extolling virtuous fuel misers and squashing the rumor of a high-po Veyron GT, we're wrapping things up with a demonstration of real, verifiable red-raw horsepower courtesy of HKS, HyperZSpeed video magazine and Japanese tuning garage Top Racing.

The R35 GT-R — Nissan's newest generation of their venerable Skyline sports coupe — has only been on the market in the US for a few months. Aftermarket tuning powerhouses have only just begun to dig into the untapped potential of the GT-R's 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6.

HKS is the first to sell a full tuning program for the new GT-R, albeit only in Japan for the balance of the year.

The HKS GT570 kit includes new wastegate actuators for the stock turbos and an electronic boost controller, along with aluminum intercooler piping and silicon hose couplers to withstand the increased boost pressure. On the exhaust side, a set of straight pipes which replace the stock catalytic converters provide both maximum efficiency and a sinfully decadent exhaust note.

In the end, 562 wheel horsepower and 540 pound-feet of torque are extracted, albeit at expense of the stock GT-R's emissions legality. Crank up the speakers and enjoy.

[Sean Morris c/o 2009GTR / HKS]

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