September 2, 2008

Porsche offers virtual test drive with new 911 configurator

Edelsteinrot or Arktis-Silber?
Nordichgelb or Mittenachtblau?

For a decade or so, we car junkies of high hopes and meager means have often retreated to the joy of building our future dream cars online.

But despite many advancements in web technology, little has changed when it comes to building our automotive flights of fancy.

We pick our options, then wonder which hypothetical color would look best in our yet-to-be paved driveway and that's about it.

Today, Porsche introduced their new game-changer. Now, once you've picked your color and options, you can embark on a virtual test drive of your future 911 rennwagen.

"Our goal was to go beyond simply picking the colors and options on a new 911; the goal is to make it possible to have an engaging experience with the car that hints at what it's like to get behind the wheel," said David Pryor, Porsche North America's vice president of marketing.

The new online program was developed by Porsche with assistance from ad agency Cramer-Krasselt, who designed the new interface. Buyers and daydreamers alike can now draw out a virtual road to drive their new virtual 911.

"This is followed by a video of the fully rendered, computer-generated 911 driving the course," said Josh Cherfoli, Porsche North America's online and relationship communications manager. "We use videos and computer animations to go beyond simple words to explain and demonstrate a feature. The type and format of the information we provide is what an Internet-savvy user expects from a cutting-edge company like Porsche."

Gentlemen, start your drooling.

Update: In my haste, I'd forgotten to post a link to this new marketing marvel.

First, download the ViewPoint Media Player here:

Then choose "Build Your Porsche from the US homepage.

[Source: Porsche NA via AN]


  1. A link to the site would be nice...

  2. Whoops.

    Sorry for the oversight; a link to both the new configurator and the required plugins are now up.

    Thanks again for reading! :)


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