November 6, 2008

World's largest Lamborghini dealer shuts its doors

Last night — without explanation from either the dealer's owner or parent company Volkswagen — Lamborghini of Orange County, the world's largest Lamborghini dealer, abruptly closed its doors.

Across the nation, dealers have closed on account of slow sales or the inability to extend credit lines. But last year, the Southern California dealer sold ten percent of all Lamborghinis world wide.
Furthermore, most of the Italian automaker's production is custom-ordered and paid for in advance.

All of which makes the sudden closing rather puzzling.

The dealer's website is still up at this hour, but phone calls go unanswered. There are no directions for those who have made appointments for service or have a car on order through the Orange County dealer.

The Orange County Business Journal reported tonight that Lamborghini SpA is attempting to help the dealership reopen.

While the automaker declined to comment on specifics, Pietro Friegerio, chief operating officer for Lamborghini SpA told the Journal that the sudden closure was their first priority.

Vik, Nora, Sossi and Astrid Keuylian own and run Lamborghini Orange County.

Friegerio said the management at Lamborghini Orange County made a few "unfortunate business decisions, independent of the automaker, which have caused the current issues that they are trying to resolve now.”

For now, owners will have to turn to Lamborghini Beverly Hills or Lamborghini San Diego for service or repairs.


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