July 18, 2008

Something wicked this way comes: Nelson Racing builds 1600+hp Mosler MT900

With 550 horsepower, a stock Mosler MT900S is already a titanically fast machine. A street-legal descendant of the MT900 racer, the svelte LS7 V-8 powered missile demolishes the quarter mile in 12 seconds flat on the way to a top speed well over 180 miles per hour.

Yet Mike Vietro, owner of the only Mosler dealer in the US, saw room for improvement.

Seeking help from Nelson Racing Engines of Chatsworth, California, Vietro delivered his scarlet and white "Red Devil" MT900S, seeking a power plant befitting the name.

This week, proof that NRE delivers the goods came in spades.
1,635 horsepower and 1,481 pound feet of torque at 5600 rpm, to be specific.

During the engine dyno test, the twin-turbo LS7's output continued to soar by about 70 hp per 100 rpm (see the dyno sheet below). Yet with oil pressure and temperature holding steady, the test was shut down at Vietro's request.

“Fulfilling this unique request was not an easy task. We spent months perfecting this engine,” said Tom Nelson, owner of Nelson Racing Engines. “Ultimately all our hard work paid off and once completed this Mosler will be a one of a kind vehicle, unmatched in power and performance.”

Final tuning and installation are nearly complete. The final tunes includes a 91 octane tune good for 1,150 horsepower at 13 pounds of boost pressure. Dump in the C16, however, and up to 1800 horsepower will be available at the touch of a button.

Stay tuned; as the road test figures come in, expect records to fall.
Vietro's Mosler certainly has the output to decimate all challengers.

[Source: Nelson Racing Engines]

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